How To Load And Run Unsigned Drivers In 64 Bit Windows 7

How To Load And Run Unsigned Drivers In 64 Bit Windows 7

I found that Windows 7 makes not only loading unsigned drivers difficult, BUT even if they do load, they wont work. So this method is broken into two parts. The first parts deals with actually loading the unsigned drivers, The second deals with getting them to be accepted and working.


This for some can be straight forward. At boot up hit F8 and select the option in the menu for unsigned drivers. This will allow you to load the drivers. Another way to allow loading of unsigned drivers is

1. Open Windows 7
2. Press Win+R keys together to open the run dialog box and type – gpedit.msc
3. Expand the folders in order <User Configuration> – <Administrative Templates> – <System> – <Driver Installation>.
4. On the right you will see a icon <Code Signing for Device Drivers> , double click that
5. Click <enable> button at the top, and <Ignor > at the bottom to ignor any signature check.
6. hit apply, ok and close everything
7. Reboot

Now the computer will load any drivers anytime.

This solves loading the driver. But Windows 7 would still not allow the drivers loaded to run.


There is a neat program that will allow the unsigned drivers to work. Basically its a method that allows testers to test drivers without going thru the dramas of getting a signature from Microsoft. The program can be found by doing a good search for ”Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b” or “dseo13b.exe”, or download it from the developers website

The load instructions are simple. As usual TURN OFF UAC.

1. Run dseo13b.exe program
2. click “enable test mode”. This allows 64 bit Windows 7 to be used for testing drivers
3. reboot, and you will see a faint test mode print in the corner (can be turned of by selecting dont show watermark)
4. Now open Device Manager and find the location of the unsigned drivers that wont work, by expanding Properties and Driver Details. Your looking for something like C:\Windows\System32\drivers\xxxxxxx.sys
4. Run dseo13b.exe program again
5. This time select “sign a system file” and put in the location of the file you found in Device Manager
6. Repeat for all files in question then close.
7. Reboot

If all goes well, you now have your unsigned drivers working and all is well.



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